Daphne Gassett, MBA MHS

Daphne Gassett, MBA MHS

I come from a family of self-motivated entrepreneurs; both my father and grandfather were successful businessmen. I naturally acquired those gifts of leadership and motivation that now come second nature to me. As a small business owner, my ability to start and run a successful business is unsurpassed. 

In 2005, I founded an event planning venture. As the success of the business quickly surpassed my expectations, I realized I had no idea how to manage it effectively while working a full-time job.

Once the continued growth and success of my business began interfering heavily with my "safe" full-time career, I was forced to decide between the two; fear led me to dissolve my successful small business.

Rather than seeking a consultant, I gave up. The hard part that no one speaks about is how to manage a small business once it begins to grow--or for some, when it does not grow.


Since then, I have managed two successful enterprises and acquired over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

Those earlier mistakes have fueled my passion to assist transitioning nine-to-fivers, start-ups and established businesses flourish. I have walked in the shoes of those I am eager to serve, so I'm aware of the pitfalls and crushing fear that we all face when running a small business.

As with many new entrepreneurs, you find there is no road-map for entrepreneurial success; you learn through mistakes and grow from them which often makes the journey to success much longer.

Running a successful business is the easy part. Turning fear into fuel is the hard part. When you love what you do, naturally you will excel!