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The best decision I could have made for my business. When I met Daphne I only had a concept of a business in mind. She helped me to develop every element of that idea all the way to to the point of implementation. I was able to book my first paying client within a week of launching my business! Additionally, I gained the confidence I needed to engage with that client as if I had been doing this for years. I can definitely say that I am not the same person I was when Daphne and I first met. The guidance she provides is invaluable. Thank you Daphne!

Charita D. Matthews


Makeup By Marlisa

My name is Marlisa Cornitcher, owner of “Makeup by Marlisa.”  I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Gassett of DRG Consulting and it has made a world of difference in my business.  Ms. Gassett helped me redevelop business contracts, marketing tools and rethink the way I market my business as a whole.  As a result, I have seen an increase in my clientele and have been a lot more active in presenting my business in different avenues and I continue to rely on her for all of my business consulting needs. 

Ms. Gassett, pays particular attention to detail, is concise in giving direction, is timely, and offers a wealth of creative ideas.  She is professional, courteous, engaging and has a heart to serve others.  I cannot say enough good things about her.  I have and would continue to recommend her business to  others.

Marlisa Cornitcher


                                             Stephanie WHite EVents

After my initial consult with DRG Business Consulting, LLC we scheduled my first discovery session. At that meeting I received several new marketing ideas and tips for increasing my businesses exposure that are helping me to take my business to the next level.

I received great actionable steps to restructure my businesses online presence to a more professional and consistent brand image. Her company, allowed me to see how I could market my business in ways I couldn’t ever have imagined. The most valuable tip I received IMMEDIATELY allowed my business to gain several new potential customers and I instantly began to network with new business owners and new clients.

DRG Business Consulting helped me get back to a place where I could create, design and execute the many ideas that I have for my business. I am extremely happy with the results of DRG Business Consulting; has done for my business! I would HIGHLY recommend DRG Business Consulting, LLC to any new and/or seasoned business owners looking to move their business in a more prosperous direction. Thank you!

Stephanie White

 I Creations

I Creations

DRG Business Consulting helped my business by identifying creative ways to market. We received ideas which we instantly implemented for ensuring our customers were repeat customers. The ideas were ones we could have easily missed while doing the day-to-day tasks of business. They worked! We are thankful for Ms. Gassett's eye for detail.